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Kesha C. Reed, Founder + Owner

I have grown to appreciate the simplicity of inhaling and exhaling in the present moment. I enjoy the beauty, grace, and humility of being a multi-creative, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic empath who seeks solace in the breath in order to understand my truest self better.  


I didn’t always feel this way.  Life challenges and changes such as abuse by self and others, displaced housing, failed relationships, generational trauma, self-esteem, co-producer and product of single and split-parenting, racism, and other events prompted unwanted and unwarranted actions, antics, and attitudes that left me feeling empty, frustrated, and without tools to guide and understand next steps and how not to repeat the past.


Additionally, moving eleven times and attending seven different schools by my 10th-grade year in high school, didn’t allow for the joys and practice of making and maintaining many friendships.  Often angry and misunderstood, I used all sorts of defenses and devoids to build my armor around my heart and mind so no one would find out just how ashamed and alone I really felt. 


For as far as I can remember, I found reprieve in being able to express these thoughts and feelings by creating art and writing.  I continue to hold these gifts close to my heart as a way to escape and express myself. As I began adulthood, my innate passions guided me on a path of self-discovery and purpose through various careers, certifications, colleges, and eventually, my degree in Education from Wayne State University. I find an immense amount of joy when working with children particularly, and it’s just as healing for my inner child. 


After receiving my degree in Education from Wayne State University, I was ready to change the world! Little did I know that I would be the one changing the most.  I went from a student teaching art, then a classroom 5th-grade teacher of 32, to hosting mindFUNness and breathwork in a lunchroom with 500+ students in three years! Returning to the School of Life, I took time to understand non-profits and small businesses and in doing so, my life was remodeled and a seed I had planted five years before, grew into Room 2 Breathe. 


I look forward to being present with you soon.

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